The Avon range of road legal tyres is very extensive, there will be a suitable tyre for most applications. The following products are available:


This tyre is very popular with Caterham and other lightweight sports cars, the range includes 13 and 15 inch wheel diameter tyres, from 175 to 245 section widths.


Very popular tyre for night event rallies and also used extensively in hill climb and sprint applications. The only list 1b tyre that has been developed in soft compounds specifically for short duration or wet use.


Very competitively priced tyre for use on track days and race championships where you need a road legal 1b tyre. Recently adopted as the control tyre for Lotus on Track Championships. The ZZR is a close as you can get to a race tyre and still be road legal, the compounds and constructions have all been developed by the same engineers who make the Avon F3 and GT tyres. BMTR is sole distributor of the soft compound 13 inch hill climb ZZR.


15 sizes of historic tyre from 165/70R10 for Minis, through to 295/50R15 for the rear of GT40’s, the CR6ZZ is ideal for historic road events, circuit races like the Spa 6 hours and in the softer compound, classic classes in hill climb. Popular with owners of kit cars like Cobras and GT40’s, the CR6ZZ is quite at home as a road tyre for you classic or replica car.


Sport – cross-ply construction light weight tyre in a limited number of 13 and 15 inch sizes. Some sizes are available in soft hill climb and sprint compounds. The ACB10 Sport is a specialised product and is only suitable for use in mainly dry conditions on specific cars. Please call for more information on this tyre and its applications.


Developed to offer outstanding all-round performance in both wet and dry conditions and both on the road and on the track. The unique symmetrical and directional motorsport derived tread pattern was designed to maximize water clearance while maintaining superb dry weather performance through excellent tread block stability. The ZZS is fully road legal DOT marked and complies with all EU Tyre Labelling regulations. The tyre is fully MSA Tyre List 1b approved.